Henry Milner Reconstruction — Shukhov Tower

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Henry Milner Reconstruction

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Henry Milner Reconstruction. Located in Moscow, the original 160-meter-high structure was designed by engineer Vladimir Shukhov and remains an iconic feature of the city’s skyline. The tower’s completion in 1922 was hailed as a landmark in architectural history, drawing comparisons to the work of Gustave Eiffel and attracting the photographic prowess of Aleksandr Rodchenko. Milner’s six-part scale model will give UK audiences a rare chance to appreciate first-hand the remarkable geometry, intricate latticework and inherent beauty of the structure’s design. Complementing the display will be digital prints illustrating the workings of the model making process and a selection of historical photographs.

Despite its iconic status the tower currently faces demolition and an appeal to save it is supported by an array of prominent architects, engineers and arts professionals including Rem Koolhaas, Sir Nicholas Serota and Lord Norman Foster. The preview of the Shabolovka Tower model at GRAD will emphasise not just the importance of the tower to Russian culture but also Shukhov’s invaluable contribution to the history of design on an international level.

Henry Milner